Guardian Garage Door Opener 21230L Perth

Mobile Garage Door Mechanic is a Guardian specialist repairer in Perth and surrounding metropolitan areas. We supply & install Guardian spare parts including replacement drive gear assemblies, circuit/logic boards, genuine Guardian remote controls and even spare light globes.

The Guardian Garage Door Opener 21230L is a reliable and hardworking opener which uses a ½ H.P. AC motor and suits most types of sectional and tilt garage doors. It uses a simple yet efficient pole and chain system to lift the door and has a safety reverse system built in should the door encounter an obstruction.

It is one of the most popular garage door openers in Perth having been installed in homes for over 10 years. Spare parts are readily available and its simple yet efficient design make it easy to both install and service.

Remote Controls

Over the years the design of the opener has changed very little except for the remote control frequency which recently changed from 303MHz to 433.92MHz. For this reason, the latest remotes will not operate the older models, however genuine Guardian remote controls are readily available for both the old and new frequency openers.


If the garage door is regularly serviced and the door spring tension is kept at an optimal setting, then the Guardian 21230L opener should give many years of trouble free service. However, garage door springs which are incorrectly tensioned can result in excessive wear to the drive gear assembly of the Guardian opener. This will initially result in the drive chain looking loose, or sagging below the pole, but if left unchecked may result in complete failure of the drive gear assembly in the opener.

Guardian Garage Door Opener 21230L Perth

Example of chain drive cog failure

For service and repairs of your Guardian Opener and complete garage door maintenance call Simon on 0457 594 294.


Call us for any of these and more:

   Broken springs
   Frayed, rusting or broken wire cables
   Door off the tracks
   Noisy or sticking door
   Motor/Opener problems
   Problem remote handsets

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